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We do give much of our music away for free online, partially because we all like freebies and partially because this seems the only way the music business works right now.  However, if you like what you hear, we'd really appreciate it if you'd consider buying a physical copy of the CD from us.  We're not rich, and the more donations we get, the more time we'll be able to spend making more nice things for you to enjoy.

There are five Keshco albums available, on CD or cassette. See links on left for track info. These can be purchased by Paypal (see below), emailing us, or winging out a cheque/PO.  Ask us for the postal address.

Indeed! You can purchase these little gems with your credit/debit card by following the links to Paypal's secure server.

SMALL PRINT: All prices include postage and packing.  Goods normally dispatched within a week of funds clearing, but feel free to send a nudge.  Orders are processed by Paypal, so we never see your sensitive data.

SANY0018squared_lighter_300x300.jpg Deforestation of Dak (2009) - 5 CD
softened.fingers.cover.complete_300x300.jpg Softened Fingers (2006) - 4 CD
saplingsofsop_cover%20small.jpg Saplings Of Sop (2002) - 4 CD
theseedsofwom_cover_lilac_300x300.jpg The Seeds Of Wom (2000) - 4 CD
earlobe%20holistics%202008.jpg Earlobe Holistics (2000) - 4 CD
Double Deadly cover Double Deadly - features The Power Of Hot Air & Lego Of Me on 1 CD w/bonus tracks - 5 CD
NEW! Buy everything for 25 (all 5 albums, plus Double Deadly & another EP) CD

Also available:

Bleak_House_Music_From_The_Middle_Room_80x80.jpg Bleak House - Music From The Middle Room (2011) - 5 CD
Keshco-Futile-Peace-Offering_80x80.jpg Futile Peace Offering (2011) - 4 CD
keshco%20-%20bees%20-%20front%20cover%2080x80.jpg Bees (2012) - 4 CD
theseedsofwom_cover_lilac_300x300.jpgBeware! Issues 1, 2 and 3 - 24 pages - 2 Zine
earlobe%20holistics%202008.jpgBadges - set of four (coffee jar, Wom-style logo, Halloween, living room shot) - 1.50 Fashion
accountants%20by%20day%20front%20cover2_425.jpg Accountants By Day - 4 CD
keshco%20no%20sale%20front%20cover%20square%20300x300.jpg No Sale! - 1.50 CD

Individual 3-inch EPs: Trolley Crash (2008), The Power Of Hot Air (2009), Lego Of Me (2010), Accountants By Day (2010) - 3 each

Oh, the agony of choice...

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